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Originally Posted by butlersabroad View Post
Ooh, bad English from the English lady!

Should have asked about needle length, not size, silly me. Sounds like I should be looking at a set of circulars then I think. Thanks for the input everyone.
This is a serious question. In England, would your wording have been clearly understood as the length of the needles? I have a friend in Canada (not a knitter) who promises me I could learn Canajun (her word!) quickly. I've found some language use differences that have had me wondering; i.e. her hydro bill I took to be a water bill, not electric, and asked her how much water did she use? She was puzzled then! It's not that one is right and the other wrong, I'm glad she's tolerant and explains to me when I misunderstand. Having lived in the U.S. she seems to not have that problem with me. I find the differences in the "same" language fascinating.
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