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All six done!
I took Woodi's advice...and knit the six face cloths using different pattern stitches...
2 each in Garter Stitch, Box Stitch, and Honeycomb Stitch.

I saw Box Stitch somewhere, and was curious...
it's really double moss stitch! lol But I like the sound of BOX STITCH!

So here they are, and right now they're all folded up on my shelf in my bathroom! Yay! I used these little suckers all the time! Regular terry bath cloths are just too darn big for face!

The center cloths are the "Honeycomb" stitch...specifically "Slipped Stitch Honeycomb" stitch.

It's a 4-row repeat, and very easy if you pay attention. That's an oxymoron, isn't it?!

The slipped stitch honeycomb is:
CO odd number
RS Rows 1 & 3: Knit
WS Row 2: K1 *slip 1 YB, K1, repeat from * til end
WS Row 4: K2 *slip 1 YB, K1, repeat frpom *til end, but end with an additional K1

YB= with yarn held in back
I personally slipped "purlwise"
(not knitwise as if to knit). The pattern stitch didn't say.

FYI: I used a US7 on the garter and box stitch cloths. I had to upgrade to a US9 for the Honeycomb.
It knits up considerably narrower per inch than other two.
After an unhappy visit to the Frong Pond....lesson learned.
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