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Knitted join
Hi Knitters.
I'm almost done with my first top. I used the knitted in join to join the yarn. According to Amy's video, this is sort of like weaving in the ends and that after a few stitches with both yarns I should be able to just cut the yarn (leaving a little small tail) and all should be good.

I'm completely hopeless at weaving in ends. No matter how many videos I watch and instructions I read I can't seem to do it right, so with this join I was hoping to avoid it. Has anyone used this join? Will I be OK with cutting the ends and not having my knitting unravel?

It was in this forum where I learned how important the weaving in ends actually is. Before I just used ugly knots. But to me it still seems like weaving in won't hold it, so I'm afraid to just cut the yarn after a few double yarn stitches.....
I guess I need some encouragement from the forum. Thanks all.
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