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yay happy me!
I can knit!!! Well at least i hope so, lets not jinx it.

Anyway yesterday I went on Youtube and just searched how to hold yarn knitting or something like that and came across this video and I thought " Oh my god maybe that's the problem" So I got my knitting needles and just tried to hold the yarn like the video shows and yay after doing so I felt no strain in my right hand and started knitting a bit more and yay no pain anywhere!!! Yay me!!!

Well sort of. While there is no pain anywhere on my right, somehow I am straining my left hand, although i dont really use my left hand much so how i'm straining it I have no idea. I have tried to hold the needle on my left a bit looser but i'm not sure if its helping much...any tips?

but the good news is yay I can knit now no pain - sort of lol! Yay! And it means no doctor visit either - I hope!

PS I know i've been going on about my hands since i joined up here, sorry! I promise this is the last hand thread..well again ,I hope!
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