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Originally Posted by ad2knit View Post
I can knit!!! Well at least i hope so, lets not jinx it.

Anyway yesterday I went on Youtube and just searched how to hold yarn knitting or something like that and came across this video and I thought " Oh my god maybe that's the problem" So I got my knitting needles and just tried to hold the yarn like the video shows and yay after doing so I felt no strain in my right hand and started knitting a bit more and yay no pain anywhere!!! Yay me!!!

Well sort of. While there is no pain anywhere on my right, somehow I am straining my left hand, although i dont really use my left hand much so how i'm straining it I have no idea. I have tried to hold the needle on my left a bit looser but i'm not sure if its helping much...any tips?

but the good news is yay I can knit now no pain - sort of lol! Yay! And it means no doctor visit either - I hope!

PS I know i've been going on about my hands since i joined up here, sorry! I promise this is the last hand thread..well again ,I hope!
Congratulations on finding a method that helps with your right hand pain!

If you're holding the needles the same way as in the video, and you're naturally right handed, it may just be that your left hand musculature is getting exercised in a way it's not used to.

You may want to take breaks to rest that left hand just as you would rest your legs when walking more than you're accustomed to doing. Endurance will come.


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