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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I don't think handedness, right or left, or crocheting first has much to do with the preferred method for knitting. I'm right handed, crocheted for years, couldn't manage to knit English, didn't know there was another way and kept trying to knit more like I crochet and then found out it's Continental knitting. Others who crochet first prefer English style. Here's something to throw into the mix, I'm left eye dominant and most right handed people are right eye dominant or so said my optometrist. Maybe that's why my right hand has a hard time tensioning and not dropping the yarn. Probably totally irrelevant! My point is, we can find all kinds of explanations for why one person knits one way and the other knits the other way but all that really matters is: Do you knit? Do you enjoy it? I can now knit English style and sort of purl English style, knowing both comes in handy.
I think the only reason I CAN'T knit continental is due to my CP. I have mild CP and my left side of my body (my leg and my arm) is like, the weakest, so trying to knit continental doesn't come easy for me.

I guess I'm going to try the bamboo needles again (I've said that 3 times now, feel free to throw a ball of yarn at my head) and If there are still problems I am going to have to go to the doctor see if theres any thing wrong with my stupid hands and then I'm going to see if he can refer me to anyone like a hand therapist or someone who can help me continue to stop knitting..if there is such a person........
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