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Originally Posted by sheldon View Post
I find with the KP needles, my finger tip gets sore after a while.
Ditto that! I like the tips of the Denise needles, and I like how quiet they are.

Originally Posted by sheldon View Post
The cable themselves, while thicker, are remarkably flexible...
Ditto that! I never had an issue with the flexibility of the Denise cables. And in addition to that, I love how they attach to the needle tips. Very very easy...and no coming apart as you knit!

Originally Posted by sheldon View Post
On important reason we choose to carry Denise needles is that they are the only manufactured interchangeable needles that are made completely in the USA. Everything else is made in India or China. The Denise company is a wonderful family run business located in Virginia and always a pleasure to talk to and very accommodating. We feel good supporting them
I will second that as well!

I have to confess, whereas I mostly use Addis, KP's and Signature Needles...I haven't given up on my Denise set. There are many times when all the others aren't quite it.

I'm a speed knitter, so for obvious reasons, metal is quicker for me...but speed isn't everything.

I have Crystal Palace bamboo set-circs, and a few miscellaneous wood set-circs...and I use them as well, when the occasion calls for it.

My Denise set is the original light grey tips with dark blue cords. It still have a place of honor in my knitting needles arsenal.

Sheldon...happy to hear that Denise has made improvements...but set needs no improvement.
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