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(Grumpy Grandma, did you say you take turmeric for inflammation?)
Yes. I started taking it to see if it would help a skin condition and it did and I noticed my knees and hands were less likely to bother me. I recently started taking coconut oil and my knees and hands bothered me even less and I've cut back on the turmeric. I was taking 4, 500 mg caps a day, now I'm down to 2 caps a day, and I may try going lower. I'm thinking of upping the coconut from about 1 tbs. once a day to 1 tbs. twice a day. I'm able to do deep knee bends w/o any real complaints from my knees and the skin problem hasn't resurfaced yet. I think I could crochet again should I choose, my hands don't complain like they used to. As it may have influence on how the turmeric and coconut oil work for me, I think I should add that I cannot take pain medications unless absolutely necessary. Tylenol doesn't seem to do anything pain-wise so even though I've not noticed problems with it, I don't use it. Ibuprofen and Excedrin make me high with a downer after that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (whoever that might be, I've not a clue). More than about 4 aspirin in a month makes my ears ring. Things with codiene? Only if I don't care to function at all. As you might guess, I can use all the alternative help I can get and self-medicating is about my only option. Drugs and I do not mix well.

One more thing, I've eliminated all liquid dairy and cheese from my diet and have started reading labels to avoid things that contain whey, etc. Now if I consume dairy products, I feel more pain again.
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