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I make jewelry, does that count? My passion is making stitch markers! That's KNITTING JEWELRY!

I used to cross-stitch like a maniac...and sew...and stamp (mainly cards) but knitting has taken over.

I have a girlfriend that gets perturbed with me if I haven't read a book she recommended. Ah shucks.
I like to read...but what do you have at the end of a novel?

If I watch a movie, I can knit at the same time. Well, sorta watch a movie.
My husband complains about me and movies and knitting at the same time! he he
I can't watch a NEW MOVIE and knit...but old movies are perfect!

Anyway, thanks for starting this thread! It's interesting!

And I love the cards that butlersabroad posted! Very crafty, indeed! Great work! Thanks for sharing!

I used to have people ask to buy my cards...but some of the stamps are copyright protected.
You have to be sure about your stamps. So I contented myself with gifting my cards.
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