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Different types of heels
I'm wondering if anyone can help shed light on the difference between these heels (because I'm too lazy to actually knit them up!

Heel 1:
s1 k(x), ssk, k1
s1 p(y), p2tog, p1
s1, k(x-1), ssk, k1
s1 p(y-1), p2tog, p1

Heel 2:
s1 k(x), ssk
s1 p(y), p2tog
s1, k(x-1), ssk
s1 p(y-1), p2tog

Heel 3:
s1 k(x), s1, k1, psso
s1 p(y), p2tog
s1, k(x-1), s1, k1, psso
s1 p(y-1), p2tog

What is the practical difference between these?

Also, as an aside, how many stitches do you usually start your heel off with?

I have 32 st on my needles, and I've heard the 2/3 rule (ie s1, k2/3 of the way across, ssk, turn, s1, p to end of centre 3rd, p2tog) but was wondering how other people do it?
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