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When knitting continental, how do you hold your yarn? Thinking back to when I started knitting and my fingers hurt...I held the yarn in a choke hold and it didn't move easily between my fingers and was tight around my index finger. I learned to hold it more loosely and to move my finger holding the yarn less by rocking my hand forward to do purls so I could pick the stitch with the right needle and have minimal movement with my index finger, then rock my left hand so that the yarn is in back for knits. If you're using your left finger to wrap the yarn around the needle you might try picking instead. This Continental knitting demo is as close as I can come to finding a video to show what I'm talking about. That's how I hold my yarn now and with everything looser there is much less strain on my hands and fingers. Still, I typically move my index finger less than in the way she shows.
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