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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Nope, even young people can get arthritis although it is more common in older people. I think because you're new you've probably got other issues like holding the yarn to tight, knitting tight, and the stress of learning which tightens you up.
Well technically I'm not new...i just started up again after a year due to the same sort of problem 2 years ago (see my blog!)

That being said though when I first started knitting I had no issuues..then it came to when I learnt how to knit socks the issues started - and i blame those blooming DPN's....that's why i stopped the knitting in the first place even though when i went to see the doctor the last time she was all like "oh no you don't WANT to stop knitting in fact its good for the hands" and just prescribed me ibuprofen gel. Urgh I don't know what to do...shall i just leave the knitting alone until i get advice?

Off topic do you get the ravelry buttons up? I'm trying to add one to my blooming blog!
Speaking of the blog i'm thinking of changing the name...I'm hardly a knit - a holic really am i? Any ideas?
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