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I actually take turmeric now (I'm in my 30's) preventatively. It's anti-inflammatory, and inflammation contributes to the formation of arthritis. Since allergies cause inflammation, I figure my body is always going to be somewhat inflamed, so this is my way of preventing the damage of that! I also read recently that turmeric is thought to be the reason behind fewer instances of Alzheimers in heavy curry-eating regions of India.

Ad2Knit, I hope you find out more about what the cause is. If it feels like tight, seizing muscles, then that would be tension in holding the needle, as Jan says. But if it's joint pain, that's something else. And not necessarily arthritis. My joints actually ache when I eat dairy, as GG just said! (although for me it has to be a lot of dairy to feel the symptom). That, I believe, is also an inflammation response. Allergies cause inflammation. Turmeric can't hurt, I say!
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