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Originally Posted by Marie743 View Post
I'm using page, size 36, guage of 5 stitches per inch and the cast on is 72 which is very small, and the instructions state for a pull over to join after cast on. I would love to use her book but this doesn't make sense. the picture of the yoke pullover indicates a much larger diameter, and this diameter would barely fit around my neck.
I see which one you are knitting. The 72 sts should work out right. My raglan sweater, size 36, gauge 5/in, had a cast on of 50 sts, and by the time the front was shaped, and joined, I had increased to 72 sts around the neck. (At the same time I was increasing on the raglan lines.) I think your sweater will work out right. You can knit several inches, then put the sts on a piece of scrap yarn, and try it on. I think the question is whether or not you can get it over your head. I have knitted several sizes of the raglan style, and the fit was perfect.

CORRECTION: My cast on for that sweater was 44 sts. I have just started another sweater, 6 st. per in. that I cast on 50 sts. (The tables can be confusing, but they work!)

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