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Any living creature can get arthritis, in particular rheumatoid arthritis, because that is caused by a glitch in the immune system. That is thankfully relatively rare.

But any trauma or bad body mechanics can cause arthritis. I was a marathon runner in my 20s (loved it!) By my 30s? I had arthritis in my knees AND spine. The spine isn't too bad, but I have had 3 knee operations and have hardly any cartilage left in one. That pain (and the first operation) happened in my late 20s. The arthritis in question was caused by bad genetics; I had perfect, healthy feet for running, but I had loose joints in general, and tight lateral ligaments that pulled my kneecaps slightly out of line. A little running would have been OK, but a lot? Knee joint surfaces like hamburger!

I am almost 58 now, and I still ski, hike, ride a mountain bike and can walk miles w/o too much pain, but I eat a low-inflammation diet and keep my weight down-for every 10 pounds that you are overweight, you get 30 pounds of extra force on your knees.

Hands didn't start hurting until about age 50, but I didn't really beat them up too much One pinky got busted playing basketball and has miserable arthritis, and the bases of my thumbs are pretty touchy. But I have to say that all the pain I experienced from knitting was BEFORE I got the right knitting set-up-slidy needles and the right tension and cable lengths so I wasn't dragging the yarn across the needles. I was pretty bummed by pain and numbness for several weeks, but with new slick needles and loosening my death grip on everything, my hands are doing pretty well.

I also like turmeric, alpha lipioic acid, devil's claw, glucosamine and occasional Advil. I actually LOVE Advil Liquigels, but I bleed and bruise easily, so too much of that and I look like I've been in a bar fight! Too much advil or motrin or aleve can cause stomach bleeding and kidney damage, so..... lots of the time I just stretch, use a microwave corn bag and try to think about something else!

Wow! That's a Gone With the Wind answer, but I hope you figure it all out. Your doc should help, if she's any good.

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