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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
All those posts you made were middle of the night our time...from very late night to early morning the next day. Gotta give us time to sleep.

Larger needles may make the squares bigger. However if you want to knit my suggestions stand..circular needles and/or a different needle material.

Metal is slick and yarn slips over it easier, but it's cold which may not help if you have pain.
I know i keep forgetting y'all are in the US and i'm in the UK lol. I'm sorry :hugs:

i'll def try the circulars - I will need them at some stage anyway i'm sure.....I think i'll need to pop into a knitting shop tomorrow and ask for advice re materials though - i'd hate to waste money - lord knows i probably have wasted some with the bamboo set and my sis buying me the plastic set..i suppose i could keep them just in case or ebay them lol.

Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Sounds like a plan to me. What's to lose? I'm sure your sister would rather you be able to knit whatever needles you use and the bamboo ones might come in handy at times. You might be able to use them at some point. Only time and experimentation can tell. The slippery metal ones might or might not make the difference.
Maybe i just won't tell my sister lol

Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
With circs, the metal needles are generally covered with stitches so I don't notice that they're cold. Just sayin'.
And i suppose this is WHY people wear fingerless gloves when they are knitting. I'll try them least i'm borrowing my nan's needles - its better than wasting more money huh?

But in the meantime - how long do you all reckon i should take a break?

PS thanks for all your posts
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