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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I wonder if your problem originates higher up in your arms or even your shoulders or neck. It could be that the way you sit puts pressure on nerves. It seems you've paid attention to how you hold the needles and yarn, how you move your hands, things like that, and haven't isolated a cause. Maybe posture changes would make a difference. I think it's not a knitting problem so much as knitting adds to whatever is going on already and that's when you really notice it. Maybe a small towel rolled up to rest your wrists on? When I learned to type they stressed good posture and how you hold your arms and wrists, but that was back in about 1970 and I have no idea what is taught now. If you were going to type on a manual typewriter...not only have lots of people never used a typewriter, one that doesn't plug in is freakin' beyond belief!... you had to learn those things.

Some recollections make me feel positively prehistoric.
Posture might be an issue....I'm trying to work out where at home i can knit that's good for my back and stuff. not that i've had problems with my back although i did have problems with my upper arm but I resolved that (I think) by resting a pillow on my lap and making my wrists rest on that so that somewhat helped the arm issue.....I think the only chair place at home that might help with the posture issue might be the downstairs family room breakfast table dressing table chair makes me feel like i want to slouch as does sitting on my I will try to force my self to take my knitting downstairs and sit down on the breakfast table chairs with a pillow rested on my lap....lets see how that goes.....

and i'm going to try to knit looser....somehow. Maybe the issue is that i'm being too tight on my knitting..need to figure out how to loosen up. god that makes me sound like I'm a tense person altogether! LOL! I'm really not, I promise!

Ok, i am going to see how it pans out....and i will to not mention the hand situation for a week. lets see how knitting downstairs at the breakfast table and trying to be looser goes...if that doesn't work, I'm def going to buy some circular needles and see if that will help any. and if that doesn't work then knitting may not be for me and i shall present my friend with a ball of yarn and say "Hey...i tried to knit you something but you know what, it didin't work out so here's some yarn, if you know of anyone that knits tell them to make something lovely from this" LOL

Thanks for tolerating these posts about my stupid fingers/hands guys. You all are a lovely bunch here. With any luck my next post will be my FO!

PS: GG i used to learn how to touch type on those typewriters! LOL! and that was in 1987! i was 7 years old and my dad's secretary bless her, taught me how to touch type - thats what my dad did sometimes after I finished school - bring me to work and ask his secretary to keep me occupied for a few hours! And what fun it was too
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