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Hey there, GG! I've just ascertained that I'm right, and that the pattern has an inherent problem. Let me see if I can report it succinctly (for me, highly unlikely!) ...
As you reach the part with the second lot of V shapes - still on the flat part of the tabletop - it goes into a series of rows like this:
shell,ch 5, dcl in next 2 ch 5s, ch 5, miss 1st tr then tr in next 9 trs, ch 5, dcl in next 2 ch 5s and so on. The only difference in the next row will be the miss 1st tr then tr in next 7 trs; and this continues over about 8 rows! I started getting anxious quite early, asking myself how this could continue without causing the tablecloth to start turning into a helmet, inasmuch as there is no increasing going on at all.
And I was right: it started becoming a kind of large cloche. So I increased all those ch 5s, row by row.
I would dearly love to find someone who's made the bloody thing ...
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