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Gauge: stockinette stitch vs. garter stitch

I'm getting ready to start knitting a sweater-vest for myself.

The pattern I'm using is worked in garter stitch all the way through, but I was thinking of using stockinette stitch instead (knitting the first three stitches so it won't curl). I was just wondering if using a different stitch than the pattern calls for will mess up my gauge; I am supposed to have 17 stitches for every 4 inches. I made a couple of swatches using sizes 7 and 8 needles, and I'm going to wash and dry them soon. I've never really bothered about checking gauge, but since I'm trying to make this fit without taking it out a few times, I decided that it might be a good idea this time!

If stockinette stitch will make things more complicated, I'll probably just follow the pattern like it's written. What do ya'll think?

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