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International is tricky and the post office doesn't give any firm time frames. Instead they say "Varies by Destination".

That said, we ship internationally via first class mail. We tend to ship quite a few packages to Canada and I haven't yet had someone inquire about their package being abnormally delayed. If I were to guess, I'd say it takes anywhere from 6 - 10 days. There is no tracking for 1st class.

Recently the US Post Office increased postal rates which included a near doubling of the price of international. We used to be able to ship Denise Needles for about $6, and now it's about $12. It's rather unfortunate.

I did post this morning that we are offering a 5% discount on the Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Sets. If you use the coupon code KPRIDE5 you will get the discount. The coupon expires after Sunday.

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Originally Posted by Woodi View Post
I want to order the Dreamz.....will it take forever to ship to Canada? I've been waiting for a knitting book from Amazon for weeks and weeks now, and finally, they're promising it 'should' arrive on the 24th of April.
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