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Increasing in pattern help!
Hi there! I need a little advice on increasing within a pattern. The pattern is for a shrug with bell or dolman type sleeves. The pattern is supposed to be worked in one piece and starts at the ribbing on the right sleeve. Once I finish the ribbing, it begins to increase into the sleeves. I have two questions, then.

First: Generally, I'm confused as to how to, or rather when to make the increases, simply because the pattern seems vague to my beginner eyes.

The first row of increases (after the ribbing) reads: K2 (0-2-1-3), *inc in next st, rep from * to last 2 (0-2-1-3) sts, knit to end...112 (116-120-122-126) sts. Work in garter st until work measures 33cm from beg, working last row on wrong side. ...

Sooo, do I make one increase at the beginning of each row? I'm making the small by the way, so (0), (0) and (116) above. And, continue making an increase until I reach the 116 stitches? Any general interpretation here would be helpful.

Second, as the pattern does not specify, what is a good form of increase to use within garter stitch? It would seem there are soo many as the website points out.

Thank you so very much for your time! I want to sort this out before I get to this step.

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