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Knitting looser def helped - and also a question
Whoever it was that said i was probably knitting too tight - you can say I told you so lol!

Since figuring out that was probably the problem I can say i have not had any problems...well sort of.. the index fingers still hurt somewhat, but not as bad as they were hurting before. Before they were tingly hurt, but now they are like a mild, doesn't bother me so much hurt, although after this morning that might change lol! I've just sat in bed knitting for like, 45 mins without realising it! I'm going to pay for that later i bet oopsy.

I've also noticed that knitting looser the squares are a bit bigger than my last lot I knitted tighter. Now here comes the question? I wonder if i should block the last lot of squares, if that would help? But i planned to block the blanket anyway after knitting it - thats another question - do I even need to block the blanket?

Total Squares knitted: 8 white, 4 yellow...and have the lilac and mint to knit after!
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