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Eyeing my next project, need some advice!
I'm eyeing this cardigan for my next project (the one on the left):

However, first I have to make a couple of choices, and I could really use some input on those.

I think I would like to knit the cardie with a contrast colour for the ribbing, pocket, collar and button bands. The button bands are knit as part of the sweater (so each row starts or ends w k1, p1 ribbing before/after the main pattern sts), what would be the best way of doing this in a contrast colour? Should I treat the button bands as vertical stripes? (After seeing the intarsia video, it looks like it would be relatively simple this way). Or is there a better strategy?

Also, what would be the pros and cons to adapting the pattern to knit in the round? I like the idea of knitting everything at once so I'm sure it's even (and don't have to seam), but on the other hand I'm not completely sure I'm ready for steeks!

Thank you so much for your input!!!
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