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Ribbing the Cuff
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I would work this as one piece but not in the round
That sounds great, I hadn't thought of that! I would have to separate it in front and back pieces when I reach the armholes, is that right?

and the pocket can be knit at the same time as the ribbing
As far as I can tell from the pattern, the ribbing forms the front of the pocket, a few stitches are set aside to knit the pocket top, and a separate piece is knit and stitched in place to form the back of the pocket.

Actually, now that I've had a closer look at the pattern and the picture, I realize that the button bands, collar and pocket tops are in moss stitch, upon first look I thought everything was ribbed. Good thing that I see it now - knowing myself, I could have probably ripped it back several times before realizing I had read the pattern wrong!

And I love the idea of faking the side seams!!
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