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The backward loop cast on is easy to do, hard to knit into. Try the Long Tail Cast On and maybe the Knitting On Cast On. The long tail cast on is easy to work and easy to knit into. With the knitted cast on you're really making knit stitches as you go and will be more familiar with them when you knit your first row. Personally I would do the long tail for now. I think either will make your first row of knitting seem like a breeze compared to what you've been working with. Let us know what you do, which one works for you, and is it easier, OK?

Amy's How to Knit: A Complete Introduction for Beginners Part 1 would also be good to watch.

ETA: Your yarn and needles should be fine together. For now don't worry about your stitches per inch (gauge or tension) and just get comfortable making the stitches.
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