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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
When you make squares (or anything) that will be seamed blocking to get them laying flat is a good idea and makes seaming easier. With acrylic a gentle wash after may be all you need.

In this case a blocking board would be handy to make squares a certain size. Acrylic won't stretch as much as wool, but maybe enough to make them a bit closer and easier to seam. Whether it'll be permanent I don't know, but when it's seamed it won't matter. I agree a row of crochet around the smaller ones would be a great idea, too.

I'm glad knitting looser is helping!!
But...i planned on doing a border after i seamed the whole thing. Aw now i dont know what to do.....:-(

Edited to add: Im going to take a pic of each of the squares (one white compare with the yellow) and show you
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