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well, my scanner is not hook up to our computer, (not sure where the software is to do that) we'll blame that on the husband

I have searched the web for this pattern, but since it is a purchased pattern from CEY I believe I may have to just type out row 3.

row 3
k3,no knit yo,k2t,yo,p,ssk,k,k, (p,k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,)(end of repeat box) p,k,k,kt2,yo,p,ssk,yo,k (center stitch) yo,kt2,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p (k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p) k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,yo,k,k,k

both sides of shawl have a repeat box. section A begins with rows 1-12 .... when you get to row 12 you are asked to repeat rows 3-12 twice. However when I start row 3 again I have 5 extra stitches before I come to my repeat box...
I am beginning to question if I start the repeat box at this point, won't that change the pattern to my existing rows below?
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