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Sleeve too long!!!
Hello Again.

I've just measured the sleeve of the child's sweater (3-6 months) I am knitting and even though I still have another 20 rows to knit the sleeve is already 30 cm which is 1 cm bigger than the pattern says the finished article should be!

The pattern says 29cm length from shoulder - I assume that means the whole length of the sleeve?

I did not use the same wool that the pattern recommended because there was hardly any of it in the shop and the colours were wrong but I did use another DK wool and I did make sure that the tension swatch measurements on the subsituted wool were the same as on the original.

I knit a bit on the tight side and so I am using 4.5 mm instead of the suggested 4mm. When I did the tension swatch using 4mm it was 3 inches and not 4 inches as stated on the pattern. I did look for needles that were 4.25 but couldn't find any so I had to go to 4.5 mm instead.

I have had a look back through the pattern instructions and truly think that I have not misread anything. I don't mind starting again but because I don't know what the problem is I don't think the measurements will be any different next time round.

Can anyone advise me?

Many thanks again

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