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Mmm, very pretty lace. I don't see any errata for it and there are several Ravelry projects.
I'd just like to clear up a few questions about the row as written. I looked to see if the directions are mirror images around the center k stitch. Is there a missing yarn over between the bolded stitches or possibly an extra yarn over at the underline? (It really was a lot for you to type out)

row 3
k3,no knit yo,k2t,yo,p,ssk,k,k, (p,k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,)(end of repeat box) p,k,k,kt2,yo,p,ssk,yo,k (center stitch) yo,kt2,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p (k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p) k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,yo,k,k,k
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