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OK, the repeat box is 10sts and the shawl grows wider from the center knit stitch and at each edge.
On row 3 there's an increase of one stitch before the first repeat box and an increase of one stitch after the second repeat box. There's also an increase of one stitch before the center knit stitch and one stitch after that center stitch. I'll bet that the pattern increases the same way in rows 5, 7, 9, and 11 giving you an increase of 10sts on each side of the center stitch. That's enough for another repeat box on each side.
So, bottom line (and sorry it took so long to get here), you should be able to start the repeat box after the initial "k3,no knit yo,k2t,yo,p,YO,ssk,k,k," as you would in row 3. You'll just have an extra repeat before and after the center stitch.
It's a good idea to put in a lifeline at this point so that if things don't work correctly, you can easily go back to this row. There's a video for lifeline here.
We'd love to see a photo of your finished shawl if you'd like to post one!
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