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I agree that it doesn't matter what you call yourself (or even consider yourself); however, what does matter is the type of patterns you plan to do. It's always good to read through patterns and figure out whether you know how to do all the required skills or if you'll need help. And while it's a good idea to challenge yourself, you don't want to be so challenged that you become frustrated.

Of course, with KH and YouTube and so many other great knitting sites, it's pretty easy to learn something at point of use (or on the fly) and do a fairly advanced pattern. As I'm sure you're aware, though, just doing something once or twice doesn't make you a pro at it. I often have to watch videos and do something several times before I can wean myself off the computer and do it myself. Then if I remember how to do it several months or years later, then I've learned that skill pretty well.
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