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Finally got my yarn - some basic sock pattern questions
I may be crazy but I didn't realize this pattern is intermediate rather than beginner. I'm going ahead anyway and taking it slow.

I'm looking over the pattern and have a few basic pre-start questions. Here's the pattern -

The finished measurements are listed as 7 1/2" circumference but doesn't say what part of the leg/foot it refers to. The widest part of my foot is 7" but mid-calf I'm more like 10" if I need the sock a bit smaller or bigger is that easy to do?

Also I noticed that it has no ribbing. Does that mean it would be slouchier than normal? If its already going to be big on me, I don't want it any looser than it already is.

I kinda want to figure this all before I start so I don't run into problems later.

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