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If this pattern is what you want, I'm not sure you'll end up with socks you can really use. My preference for socks that stay up is to have ribbing on the foot, all the way around the arch, as well as the top: it helps the foot stay in place snugly but not too tightly and therefore the top doesn't slouch down as easily because the heel isn't being pulled towards my toe as much. If the goal is to have socks that fit you and you can wear, I'd suggest checking out Silvers Sock Class or even Lifestyle Socks. Lifestyle socks was where I first learned to make socks and every pair so far has been wearable and stays up. Toe-up allows you to adjust the number of stitches as you move up your foot. Need more room so the heel fits over your foot easily when you put it on? Then add them. Want the cuff snugger? Go down a needle size or two or three. I've done the instep on size 1 needles, the main part of the ribbing on size 0 needles, realized it was too loose at the top and dropped down to size 000. One of these days maybe I'll get around to using an actual, for-real sock pattern but at this point, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

One other note: For your first pair you might consider doing a pair in a heavier yarn. Fewer stitches, quicker reults, easier to learn the different techniques you'll need for toes and heels.

Have fun! Socks are addictive.
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