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Well it looks like the original thread can be posted now, so the following would have been my first post "o)

I think this my be my first post, this is a good place for it. I have picked up a few crafts along the way. Knitting is what I do after the sun sets and I close the shop up. Knitting is also so portable it fills in when I can't be in the shop.

The shop is new, and on the 21.2 acre Florida Cracker Farm we bought and moved into last year, after I retired. The house was built in 1886, the workshop is modern concrete block with a metal roof.

My other skills and hobbies are based around a mixture of wood and metal work, I like challenge so I've tried a buch of stuff over the years some stuck, some didn't. The didn't stick stuff just was not enough of a challenge.

I've been doing leather work for a while, started off with a interest in Historical Interpritation, which is the driving motive in many of the crafts I fool around with.

This is a bag I made out of 8-9 oz tooling leather.

This is a combination of my leather work and knife making.

Some wood working,

This was my first instrument project,

Cigarbox guitar I built for my buddy Albert Castiglia,

Haven't finished this Cigarbox Charkha yet,

I also spin and weave, throw pottery on a wheel, rope work, jewelry making, inlay, blacksmithing, basket weaving, soap making, candle making. It may seem like a lot but much of it is either the same skill sets or related. I am a bit attention deficit, the only way I can get anything accomplished is to have a dozen or so projects going consecutively. It's better than taking a bunch of drugs to solve the problem, yeah , I could have been a rocket scientist or brain surgeon if I was diagnosed and treated as a child but then I wouldn't be me or live on this beautiful country farm now.

My back yard.

The cluttered mess that is my home,

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tzu
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