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Originally Posted by dancejunky View Post
As for the 4AAT, lots of people like to knit socks 2AAT to avoid the second sock syndrome (you get one sock done and then can't get motivated to knit the 2nd one) and so you can make adjustments as you go along without having to keep a lot of notes. Once I had learned how to knit 2AAT (using magic loop), I realized that adding 2 more socks wasn't difficult. You simply repeat what you did for the first 2. It's just more of the same, not really more complexity. I've also done 6AAT (yes, 3 pairs), but I'm not ready to do that again until I've mastered the free-sole technique.

Fortunately, we all get to decide for ourselves how we want to work our projects. But I'm glad people post different approaches, because that's how I improve.

Thanks for the explanation on 4AT. I knitted the two sleeves of my sweater at the same time so the gauge wouldn't change on me and cause one sleeve to be longer. I'm thinking of doing that with socks but I took the easy way and bought two sets of DPNs. I'm really impressed with your technique.
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