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Originally Posted by KnitandPurl View Post
Thanks GG!

Do you think I could do a 2x2 rib pattern on the leg part instead of the stockinette?
Charlotte answered your question. I'm going to be less helpful and say you can do anything you want, after all they're your socks! I really, truly have never used a sock pattern so I really don't have experience with adjusting things on a sock pattern. I'm wearing the pair I was working on earlier when I responded and then did some more looking at your pattern. I was determined to do the bind offs and get the ends woven in and get them on my feet for a fitting...and they're still there, on my feet, not yet washed. *sigh* Even socks made with SockEase feel delightful.

If you do ribbing with the same size needle on the same number of stitches, you'll probably be sorry. You need to go down a needle size (or 2) or use fewer stitches. As I always use smaller needles, I don't know how many fewer stitches you would want.

I just measured around my leg at my sock top, it's about the same as yours, I counted 60 sts in the sock top and in 2x2 ribbing on sz. 0 needles, I really do wish I'd used smaller ones, I might take the top inch or so out and rework it on 000 dpns. Ribbing makes a huge difference. I really do wish I could be more helpful.

Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
I'm not GG (who I adore, BTW!), and those are lovely socks! I believe you can do your 2x2 rib as long as the number of stitches you're working on is a multiple of 4.

Have fun on the socks, and do post a pic so we can see them when complete!
Ah, shucks, Charlotte. Thanks for the . I think I needed that. You seem to know what people need, when they need it. It must be a gift. The feeling's mutual. Are you a sockaholic too?
~ GG

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