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First multi-sectional project
I'm attempting this complicated looking thing as a gift for a friend:
And I have a two-parter question:

1) In the pattern, it gives the pattern for the body, last instruction is to take the 16-32-16 stitches and put them on a scrap yarn.
Then goes into instructions for the head and says this:

1st dpn: PU 8 sts (1 for every other CO st) beg at 1st CO st
2nd dpn: PU 16 sts (one for every CO st)
3rd dpn: PU 8 sts (1 for every other CO st)

What the heck does mean? I'm assuming the PU sts aren't from the body so where I am PU-ing them from? How is this not casting on? I think I understand everything from the pattern except for this.

2nd question, and I think, easier, but I was wanting to make the tail a little puff ball instead of a knitted thing. So would I just continue to decrease the, er, butt to make it a rounded end?

Oh man, did these questions even make sense? Haha!
I'm so knew at knitting.
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