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Originally Posted by ruefulkitten89 View Post
Whilst we're on the topic of circular needles . . . I am trying to create a ribbed collar (2x2) and I'm knitting round and round and round using the same method I would to knit ribbed on my flat pieces. According to videos I have watched I'm doing the method correctly. However, no matter how hard I try there is no ribbed stitching appearing. It's all just showing up as regular knit stitch. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong but the circular needle is really irritating me. Is there anyway I could do this using two straight needles? I saw a video that showed creating a tube this way but nothing as such with the ribbed effect. Please can someone help, it's really frustrating me. Thanks.

Knitting ribbing in the round differs from on flat needles in that you do the same thing on each round, you don't k2, p2 and then p2, k2 as you would working flat. It's still the same knit the knits and purl the purls. If you're doing purl stitches you should see purl stitches in your work. I think the most common mistake is to try to work a round of k2, p2, then a round of p2, k2, which results in a different pattern. I wouldn't use the 2 straight needles method here. The gauge is different and I just don't think it would work as well. What video are you going by? Knowing which one might help in solving your problem. Another thing worh mentioning is that it can take several rows for the ribbed pattern to really show.
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