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I've heard that Paula, but oil in my pits just sounds icky. I was using CO on my face at night, but it's still tending to make me break out a bit. I'm sure that is part of the healing process, but it's my face! I hate zits! I know it goes away eventually so maybe I'll just deal with it. Don't know.

GG, I wondered about that. I eat low carb so get relatively little wheat/gluten now which is probably why it seems to stand out. I plan Togo wheat free this summer, but with DDand fiancÚ here it's proven to be more difficult so low is all I can do right now. Maybe once I'm used to it it'll be easier.

I don't eat much dairy now due to lactose intolerance. I can eat a small piece of cheddar with no problem and Yogurtland frozen yogurt (in reasonable amounts), and greek yogurt so other than lactose dairy isn't an issue. Cheddar is aged so has lactose, Greek is fermented longer with the same results so maybe that's why for me.

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