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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Have you ever done an afterthought heel? I've considered trying it. I could knit a tube, leave an opening for the heel, and not have to worry about running out of yarn. I'd still do toe-up. I'm definitely a toe-up kind of gal. Kitchener stitching ain't my bag. Star toe? Does that involve the KS? You didn't mention it, I notice when I look again. Must google.
Never done an afterthought heel, though I've thought about it. No need to google a star toe. And no Kitchener stitch, which I'm still convinced was created by Satan to torment knitters.

A star toe finishes the sock toe just like the top of a hat. It's just regular decreasing every other round, until you get down to about 8 sts then weave the yarn through those sts, and pull tight. Just like a hat, you can sew the tip closed if you choose for reinforcement. The finished toe will look like a star with the dec rounds spiraling out from the very tip.


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