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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I found, watched, tried that last night. Pretty cool. I'll try it again soon, I ran into a couple hangups and need to give it space. How is color work done in the Portugese style?
It took me a little getting used to, and a few needles tossed across the living room in a fit of pique , but I quickly came to love it. Compared to when I knit English, I'm Speedy Gonzales now!

Color work is pretty much the same as what she did in the video, and much like how color work is done in the other methods. Just use another pin to tension the 2nd color on the right side of your chest, and keep the yarn untangled. The untangled yarn bit is still a "yeah, right" for me. I bought her Portuguese knitting II DVD so I could see color work in action.


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