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My 2013 Temperature Project
We are making Temperature Projects as a KAL/CAL in the Bernat Forums. I am using Bernat Denimstyle yarn for mine, and have finished through March so far. I have been knitting two rows for the low temps, two rows for the high temps, and two more rows if it rains, snows, or we get lightning. (grey=rain, white=snow, black=lightning)

Shandeh Temp Project through March by Shandeh, on Flickr

Initially, I was planning on making a wrap, but since it's already 56 inches long, and there are still 9 months to go, I'm changing channels to a different train of thought - an afghan sounds right.

I cast off this section and set it aside. I will make a matching section for Oct, Nov, and Dec, to be the other end of my afghan. The ends will be fringe for the edges. No ends to weave in!

Now, I want to crochet some squares for the Spring and Summer months. One square for each day. I will seam together all those little squares for the center of the afghan. Wish me luck!
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