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Originally Posted by jinxnit55 View Post
Got to disagree, Virgin coconut oil is not a saturated fat, it is monounsaturated. Unlike a lot of triglycerides we ingest, which are "long chain triglycerides," coconut oil is a "medium chain" triglyceride. It is very easily digested, in fact, it is used in the hospital to tube feed seriously ill patients, also used in baby formulas.
Coconut oil got lumped in with bad saturated fats in the 1980s by the crafty soybean industry. They figured that if they could get everybody afraid of saturated fats, they could sell more vegetable oil. You SHOULD be afraid of saturated fats, but coconut oil isn't one of them! Sadly, to this day, coconut oil is still believed by many to be a 'bad fat,' when it's actually super healthy for anybody. Good for weight loss, Crohn's disease, myriad digestive problems, as well as skin and hair, it has antimicrobial effects. It is super easy to digest, in fact pancreatic enzymes aren't even needed to break it down, so it doesn't get absorbed through the intestines and into the blood stream directly. Instead it goes through portal vein to the liver where it supplies glycogen for energy.
We use it for baking, because you can easily substitute it for butter.
FYI, coconut oil is the secret ingredient in the movie popcorn we all love.

I personally have been trying to lose weight and get healthy. I've been reading a lot about oils. Interesting history. Everyone used to use lard and butter at the turn of the 20th century. Then came Thomas Edison's light bulb. Everyone wanted their homes wired for electricity. This left a big lamp oil manufacturer (I think it was Johnson and Johnson) stuck with warehouses full of cotton oil that no one wanted and on the verge of bankruptcy. They put their chemists to work on finding another use for it and produced Crisco shortening. Of course, the old standbys had to be demonized to sell their product.

In the 1950's, a Professor Keyes published scientific reports to show that the so called "heart healthy oils" were better than butter and lard. He outright lied on the reports for commercial gain. Incidents of cancer and heart disease have increased 70% from when the study came out compared to the "unhealthy" but natural fats.

The health food industry took soy and enhanced it to be palatable for the consumer. It was formerly only good for cattle feed. I asked an old farmer why this came about. He said about this time the bottom dropped out of the corn market and it became profitable to plant soy instead. Farmers were desperate.

My son's girlfriend eats processed soy health food products and complains about her stomach. Well, stop eating soy. I had to change my pets' dog and cat food recently. The company I've been faithful to for 13 years because they didn't put soy in it, sneaked it in there. I thought something was funny but attributed it to my cats getting old. They throw up five minutes after eating it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

I just about died when I found out how canola oil is made. Many of the other heart healthy oils are similar (but not natural coconut oil). The grape seed is genetically altered and loaded with pesticides. When it comes to the factory, it's processed with hexane (same chemical used to process gasoline). This leaves a waxy coating on it, so it has to be removed with an acid. Then it's bleached to make the color acceptable to humans. This is what we ingest. It's in almost everything along with soy meal as a filler to cut corners. It's overkill, like trying to kill a fly with an elephant gun. It's in margarine. It's the main ingredient in vegetable oil. It's the main thing in almost all snack and processed foods. I don't want to be dictated to by someone as to what's good for me. I want a choice. I've begun to read labels, become more educated, and take back my life by cooking from scratch with all natural ingredients.

One more thing I want to add is gluten free foods. Again, genetically altered, loaded with pesticides, and processed so much that all the nutritive value is gone. Anyway, I'm done with my rant now. But I'm really upset that no one is telling us this just so they can make a buck. I'm resolved to be more of a label reader and take back my own health, not what someone else dictates to me.
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