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I'm a slow learner and only mastered a top-down vanilla sock in the last few months after four years of knitting. :3

Four years ago, I sweated through casting on, doing the knit stitch and binding off. It was red heart yarn. I had no one to teach me besides the videos on this website.

I had a stitch n **** locally for a little while but there were only two of us. There's a knitting guild once a month but it's something like 12 miles away. I used to ride my bicycle there and back and return kinda late. Once I rode there during a thunderstorm and had to take shelter in a pedestrian underpass with two other cyclists and a drenched dog. (I was actually quite frightened, the rain/hail/lightning/wind were violent!)

The guild leader was impressed I made it. Lol. Anyway, with a two month old, not feasible currently. When she's a little older, I'll walk to the local Starbucks and having a solo knit once a week. :-)
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