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This is a very sweet baby pattern.
I was wrong at the end of the post above. You want to end up having knit a RS row and so that your next sts go onto the WS row.
For the following directions, yes, you're shaping the neck. Bind off 6sts and work to the end of the row then turn and work the RS row, decreasing one stitch at the neck side of the front. The best way to do this is to knit to 3sts from the end, k2together, k1 to give you a nice neck edge. Repeat this decrease every RS row until 41sts and then continue to knit without increases or decreases until you have 13" ending with the WS facing. Put these sts on a holder and go back to the sts that you've been holding for the right shoulder. Use a new end of yarn to work this shoulder as the mirror image of the left shoulder.
When you get to 13" and are on a WS row, you'll work across the WS row, cast on sts over the gap and then work the left shoulder. Now you're working the back of the poncho. I think this will be clearer when you see the sts on the needles but if there's a problem or any questions, please come back and ask.
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