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Originally Posted by sheldon View Post
Hi Lizars,

I was taking photos of all our Knitters Pride kits today and I just snapped this one for you (click to see the full size image). It shows the tips on the US size 4 and the US size 8 needles.

I would say that the Novas are about a 7 or 8 on the pointy scale. They are not "finger-hurtin" pointy, but they are definitely not blunt either. They are slightly more sharp than the Dreamz and a lot more pointy than Addi Turbos. They look more pointy in person than in the photo. These needles are hard to photograph accurately on account of being very shiny. I think the close up view also kind of diminishes the points. I put a centimeter ruler near them for perspective. They taper down to a <1mm which is pretty small.

I hope this helps and thanks for considering purchasing from our shop.

Sheldon, you are the greatest!! Thank you for doing that. They look plenty sharp. I will get my order placed so hopefully they will make it here before the weekend.
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