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Originally Posted by dancejunky View Post
What a cute project. I can't decide whether the motifs look like ocean waves or mushroom slices. Either way, enjoy!
Mushroom slices! Yeah, I didn't see them before but you're right! I think the colors used will influence what it looks like. Maybe an ocean of mushroom slices the breeze? Well, that didn't work out well.

I've just joined my 4th color. So far it goes lavender, brown, green, purple. Next will be yellow and I can't remember after that. I have 6 colors picked out and will start again with lavender. That's the plan at least. Maybe I'll add another color or 2 before I start over.

I decided not to do FI socks because of dancejunky's experience with minimum stretch. I got the message to not pull the strands too tight but I think the English strands might be too loose so I'm playing around with the tension on them a bit. Good thing I picked something that won't be worn and has lots of repeats for playing with tension. Guess I was smarter than I thought when I picked this bag. I didn't gauge swatch, I figured whatever size it ends up is good and I'll find a remnant of some fabric I have to line it with. I'm playing with the idea of a 2 needle slip stitch double knit (knit in the round with 2 needles) strap that I could run some webbing through. Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? I'm just too insane?

Someone posted a photo of their WIP using kb to create a wavy line that's part of a stuffed owl. That's intriguing. I think while I work on this bag I'll look around for something that uses that...see it would be good for socks. Maybe I'll try the owl.

ETA: Seahorses, the curly things look like seahorses.
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