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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
You really are learning something new. It's a totally different way to the same end. Try wrapping the purls backwards, maybe. That's a kind of combination knitting that makes tighter stitches. I've done it before and still sometimes will. If you mainly want to use Continental for ribbing, perfecting it as you have your English style really doesn't have to be the goal, a way that works is good enough. I haven't tried ribbing in English and don't think I will ever do it that way much. My main reason for learning English is to carry a 2nd color in my right hand to do stranded color work and that I can do with just knits. I may never be able to effectively purl English and I can live with that. Stay motivated, my friend, just don't let it make you crazy.
Too Late I am already Crazy So this will only make me crazier
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