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Do over!
I think I like this colorwork stuff. It's a bit challenging, there's plenty to learn, and it's fun! The colors in the photo are off, I'll have to get DS to help me with the camera on the EVO so hopefully as I go along my colorwork and my pictures will both improve. The colors, from the bottom, are lavender, brown, bright green, purple, yellow, turquoise, then back to lavender. The yellow and turquoise are pretty close to the real thing.

I'd gotten the 4th color added in and realized that somehow I'd missed that I twisted things when I joined for in the round. After setting it aside for a while I frogged it and reused the yarn. This one is smaller. That's something else I figured out, the pattern only has one sideseam so I'd doubled the size and I really don't want ta bag that large. How I missed that I'll never know. This time around I started off with a cast on of 1/2 the stitches and then did kfb, divided the stitches to 2 needles and started off magic looping. After it got tall enough I switched to a shorter cable and now no looping is needed. I figured out that if I'm using ML for colorwork I should make sure I secure the float at the end of the row before pulling the loop up to start the next side. My floats are getting more consistent and that's good. I'm guesstimating that I'll do a total of three row repeats. Fortunately this isn't brain surgery. I think that I missed a row or two but I'm not frogging to fix it. Sometimes being able to say, it's OK! is really important. It is only knitting after all.

My goal is to make a Cat and Dog Satchel from the same kit that offgridgirl ( for her!) used. I have the kit, now I need the skills. If mine turns out anywhere near as good as hers, I'll be ! Thanks, offgridgirl, for the inspiration. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments and encouragement.
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