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Originally Posted by N0obKnitter View Post
I've read some complaints about rough key holes/snaggy joins etc online. For $83 needles it made me apprehensive. Can you give your opinion on the snag/ key hole roughness issue? Thanks!

Maybe that was part of the problem I had with DN. I know that no yarn I used slid easily anywhere really. I thought it was something to do with how I knit, maybe not. There had to be a reason I was experiencing all kinds of problems nobody else seemed to have. I guess any product could produce a few lemons. I might get them out and try them again. It's a long time since I used them at all.

ETA I see from Sheldon's response that I made the same mistake. Thanks, Sheldon.

I have the Nova needles, I don't think they're Dreamz, I'm looking at WEBS and I'm not figuring out just which is Dreamz. My Novas are A#1!
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